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  1. marc.dav macrumors newbie

    Dec 22, 2009
    Hi. I'm trying to set up a Mac Mini running Snow Leopard Server on our network. We have a DSL modem which is also the DHCP router. I've set up a subdomain name,, at our domain register, Earthlink, that resolves our public ip address, which I believe is static.
    I'm confused about how to map this to the server which, of course, has a local ip address. I've contacted our ISP. The TS me that he thought they can associate the subdomain name to the local ip address that I gave him for the server, even though he didn't seem that confident about it. Is this the usual way of doing this? I actually have a Time Capsule between the modem and the server. Would it be better to disable the DHCP service on the modem and let the TC serve the local ips and do the linking? The SL server manual mentions such a configuration with the requirement that "share a public IP" be selected on the TC as well as setting the ipv6 mode to tunnel. (Would the TC be configured as a gateway?) Any information on how to set this up, with the goal of having remote access to the server, would be appreciated.
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    Oct 20, 2004
    If you let the Time Capsule do the DHCP, Snow Leopard Server will actually configure the Time Capsule as part of it's configuration process.

    Barring that, you'll just need to be sure and forward ports that are necessary for your services. (e.g., 5900 for screen sharing)
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    Dec 22, 2009
    OK. What does the manual configuration of the Time Capsule look like? Is the IP address the public ip? or the local one assigned by the router? If it's the former, wouldn't I need to configure the router to pass this address through? The airport utility won't let me just have a public ip address with no subnet mask and no router address. Where would I get these?
    I just now spoke with the ISP. I gave them a list of ports to forward with the protocols listed in the manual. So that's been done. It seemed pretty painless although it's not user-configurable. The Time Capsule route would probably have been better if I could have figured it out. Would it have been more secure?

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