Slashdot on Powerbook's motion sensor


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Jul 16, 2003
People?! Helllllo?!?

Look, I've been reading macrumors long enough to know that you all are going to think this is awesome. Are you just not reading the slashdot article? Is my title bad?

Look, people have figured out how to use the motion sensor to:

1. change a song in itunes when you rock your laptop
2. keep a window level w/ the ground when you tilt your laptop
3. use it for scrolling into and out of a map
4. and other stuff in games
5. anything!

guys, check this out!


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Aug 7, 2004
On a jet plane
I'm waiting for when you can turn your laptop on it's side and the contents of the screen will 'fall' into place, so you can work in either portrait or landscape mode (lets forget about logistics of keyboards etc for a second!).
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