Slaving strobes off built in flash?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Bobbingtons, May 31, 2009.

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    Mar 12, 2009
    Hey all, doing some shooting over the next few weeks for work using studio lighting/strobes, probably about 6 strobes we'll be using. Anyways theres a slim chance I might be using a 5d, if not it'll be my 450d, only problem is that it doesn't support a pc sync lead to the lights. And not sure if we'll have any hotshoe adaptors so I might have to slave the strobes off the built in flash. Only thing is the cameras preflash will fire the strobes too early and I'll miss it, so I was thinking of using the flash exposure lock function to prefire the flash which should fire the strobes. Then once the strobes have recharged (real quick) take my photo and use the built in flash (lowest power setting) without a pre flash to keep the camera and strobes in sync. Anyone ever done this or got any advice? :)
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    1. Hotshoe adapters are cheap, next-day one if you don't have a local camera store that stocks them, but make sure the voltage is ok for your camera, I don't think all the Canon line can take 250V.

    2. Tape a developed piece of film (from the leader of a roll if you have it) over the built-in flash- you should still get enough to trigger the strobes without impacting the lighting.
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    If you can get a hot shoe transmitter to set off the strobes you'll be in a lot better shape. You should only need one receiver since the strobes should have a built in slaves, otherwise just grab a sync cord to plug into one of the strobes from the camera. Your shutter speed probably won't get past 1/160 to sync with all the strobes.

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