Sleep button STUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

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    this happened about 2 hours ago. my friend was throwing a pillow around my room and he was about to throw it at me and missed and it hit my iPhone that was on its dock. dock fell back and the corner of the phone where the sleep/ wake button is hit the plastic edge of my MacBook Pro and DENTED it! i thought nothing was wrong with the phone until i tried to take it out of sleep. the button was driven into the phone and i cant pop it back out. not even with getting a needle and trying to pop it up. now the phone shut down since it thought i was holding down the button, and it keeps turning on and off on and off. i see the apple logo for a few seconds then it shuts of and then it repeats that. so i rushed to the only open apple store around where i live which was in glendale. about 20 minutes from where i live in north hollywood. it was 8:30 and the place closed at 9:00. we got there just in time but there were no geniuses available so they couldn't help me. but they said im covered under my warranty. now i got it to turn back on and i'm draining the battery by playing music. WHAT A NIGHT! ;)

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    I hope that doesn't happen to my iPod Touch. It's funny that EXACT same thing happened to my cousin. Small world.
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    So how did you fix the button? I am having the same problem. My button is stuck in, but I got it out of the restart cycle by messing with the button. But it still hasnt come up so I cant put it to sleep when I want to. :/

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