sleep issue with MBP SR (leopard)

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Freyqq, Dec 23, 2007.

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    I have a MBP SR and it's been great so far except one major sleep issue. Basically..the MBP will not STAY sleeping. After about 20 min, the comp wakes up. Also, if you leave it on for about 10-20 min w/o touching it, the backlight (which automatically turns off after a few min) turns back on as if someone moved the mouse or something. It's getting kinda annoying. I tried this on a guest account too and same thing. Guest accounts have no software in startup, so its not a software issue. I also reformatted and reinstalled OSX leopard with no success. It did this under tiger too. You think this is a hardware issue? Should i take it in? Thanks!
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    Go into System Preferences, Engery Saver and then Options - uncheck "Wake for Ethernet network Administrator access" and see if that helps.. Maybe something on your network is trying to contact the MBP and its causing it to wake.
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