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sleep times

Gaura Mohana

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Feb 24, 2011
Gainesville, FL
I installed ML on my 2011 MBP a few days ago, replacing Lion
Today I closed the lid of my MBP, and 15 minutes later the fans were still running. I opened it, and the screen was blank. I closed the screen again, and a minute later it finally woke up.

I did some testing, and it is taking a absolute minimum of 1 minute to sleep.. This is wierd..
I looked in Console, and apparently ML was constantly refreezing littlesnitch (which anyways didnt work on ML) I uninstalled LS, and it still takes a minute or more..
What can the problem be? 1 minute is really really bad.
Console is showing constant stuff:

This is what I get when I search for sleep in console

And why is quicklook satellite giving so many errors?


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