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    In a thread concerning the sleep wake function problem with some cases on the regular iPad postings, Mark Booth one of the posters came up with the solution to the problem. The information below is from his posting on that thread. I hope he does not mind me copying it and posting it here for your information.

    I would recommend you viewing the video from his blog. One of the other posters on that thread reported that he had used this information and, turned the magnet over on his cover and it now works properly.

    Originally Posted by thelookingglass
    Yep. This is it. There was a guy on here who did a polarity test and found that the sensor would only react to negative polarity magnets (I think). So that's why we're seeing that some iPad 2 cases work and others don't. The location of the magnet didn't change at all.
    And I'm that guy! Although, I'm not sure which pole (positive or negative) the iPad 3 is expecting.

    Apple switched to using a sleep/wake sensor that is sensitive to the polarity of the magnet. The iPad 2's sleep/wake sensor didn't require a specific polarity, it worked with both ends of a magnet. Not true for the iPad 3.

    Everything is detailed in a post on my blog (complete with HD video demonstration):"

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