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Discussion in 'macOS' started by typecase, Feb 18, 2015.

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    This was a a known problem in Mountain lion onward where the OS ignores HDD or download activity and simply sleeps in the middle of a long CPU intensive task or download. I still experience it on my Yosemite laptop and I have to use Caffeine to stop it. If I forget to activate this, the download stalls. Any idea if there is a more robust or automatic solution? I'm holding off upgrading my main production machine to Yosemite mainly because of this bug. I've left Apple feedback but I find it completely ridiculous that something so simple has been ignored for so long or simply won't be addressed at all.
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    The easiest solution is to change the power settings so the computer won't go into sleep mode. Its that or Caffeine as you noted, you already use that.
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    Hey, if you need to get 40 winks, letting your computer work while you sleep is an efficient use of your time. ;)

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