sleeve and mouse recommendations for macbook pro

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by magius, Jun 9, 2007.

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    Jun 3, 2007
    hi all! after a few screw ups early in the process, it looks like i'm finally on track to getting my new mbp next week! hooray! i'm not quite going to hold a press conference, bach party, take pictures, or even bake a cake, but I am pretty psyched seeing as it is my first mac!

    I was just wondering if anyone could recommend some good sleeves and mice as well if you can think of any? i already posted about mice, but i might as well add it here, doesn't hurt, right?

    anyway, I was looking at the foofbag for sleeves, but it is way too expensive and kinda complex ordering it from canada. I already have an all black dicota bacpac jump, so I'm not really looking for a super bag.... but i am looking for something snug, that can fit in the bag, and perhaps be carried standalone; protection, fashionability, and perhaps waterproofedness are important too (i'm not sure if the latter two words are words, so indulge me). waterfield and incase look nice right now, but any suggestion would be nice, as i'm going to an apple retailer sometime soon, and it would be nice to have references of what to look out for; i'd rather buy it from the store.

    as for mice, right now i am looking at the logitech vx revolution, logitech v270, and wireless blue tooth mighty mouse. but if i could find something cheaper, with equal capability, but perhaps less features/buttons that would be swell.
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    Jun 13, 2006
    how about...

    for a case... i have the incase, baby blue. its not bad, actually its pretty good with a snug fit. i put my mbp in the case and throw it into my bookbag. i occasionally 'drop' my bag instead of putting it down gently forgetting that my notebook is in there and the case protects the mbp well.

    if you want something a little more fancy, macessity has a case similar to incase but they use memory foam instead. i don't own it so i don't know how snug the fit is... it might be loose and would cause the notebook to slide inside ever so slightly. shinza also has a similar case w/ memory foam. i know for a fact that that case isn't as snug as mine since my bro has it.

    in terms of a mouse, i just ordered the logitech vx revolution. amazon has a huge logitech sale right now and you can get it for $33 w/ mail-in rebate. i'm pissed cuz i ordered from newegg a day earlier and missed the sale! :p also, if you're into gaming, i suggest you get a wired mouse cuz that's the best in terms of data transfer rates. (that's just my personal opinion)

    hope that helps!
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    I have had one of these for my old powerbook, and I see they make them for the new powerbook.

    I swear by this baby, even if you are going to get another bag for it, get this too. My powerbook is several years old, and there isn't one single scratch or bur on it, and it is flung in and out of my college bag several times a day. I only wish I had one of these for my old laptop, it looked so ugly when I sold it, my current baby looks like the day I bought it.

    Incase made some nice stuff too, but the Radtech Sleevz is just the bees knees.

    i live in New Zealand and they had it in the mail and to me within days of ordering, fantastic service.

    I'll say it again, even if you are going to get something else at $30USD it's better than apple care, it's stunning.
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    Jun 7, 2007
    Awww, but it's a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake!

    Anyone know of a good bluetooth trackball? I love my logitech Trackman Wheel but the USB ports on the MBP are in the WORST. PLACE. EVER.

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