Sleeve, bag & router for MacBook?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by xfusejc, Jun 25, 2007.

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    Dec 29, 2006
    I went ahead and bought the MacBook today and I've been setting up and transferring files from my iMac all day. I've been looking through some threads and seeing all the recommendations and I just wanted to ask for some help.

    I need a sleeve and possibly a bag to put them both. I like casual, so a briefcase kind of look for the bag wouldn't be up my ally. I'm thinking of getting a sleeve from RadTech ( but I'm open to suggestions.

    Lastly, this one's about the router, because I tried the Internet Sharing through Airport today (DSL modem to iMac, iMac to MacBook through Airport) and it was just so incredibly slow. I tried in pretty much every channel available and it didn't help improve matters at all. So, I'll go with a router. Linsky's seem to be getting the better praise from what I've read. I do have a question though about the whole set up though: when I buy the router, my DSL modem basically disappears, right? (Modem has the incoming phone line and the outgoing Ethernet line, which I'll assume the router will have, and then transmit to the MacBook from it, right?) I'm totally confused about this whole thing.
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    I can't recommend anything as far as a sleeve, but I can help you with the router.

    What you're saying seems to be correct. The outgoing ethernet connection on your DSL modem which is now going to your iMac will connect to the 'WAN' port on your new router. You will configure the router through a web interface and give it your username and password (assuming you have a PPPoE DSL connection). This will enable the router to act as the client rather than your iMac. The router sustains a connection to your ISP, and when other computers are connected to it, it translates the requests and brings whatever you want back for you.

    And you are right. Stick with Linksys :)
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    Apr 24, 2006
    I have had terrible luck with Linksys routers (two WRT54G and two older wireless routers). All required that I unplug the router and plug it back in at least once every other day. I got one of the new Airport Extreme Wireless-N routers and I haven't had a moment of trouble in three months. Not to mention that using it as a NAS and as a print server is rock solid and very easy to configure.

    I hope that helps...
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    depends on your situation. I have setup many linksys routers for friends. And they may run PC's but i go over and set it all up through my ibook and they work beautifully. but if you want good range but slightly cheaper than the Apple Extreme, then look at the Dlink Xtreme N router. Its their new wireless N router and its even white and matches.
    as for a sleeve. Check out Incase neoprene sleeves. They are about 30 bucks in canada (cheaper in the US...for now) and are really nicely made. you can get these in macbook sizes and they are cheapest on than the incase site.

    With a sleeve now you can throw it in your favourite backpack and are set to go. Some backpacks even have a holster so your laptop doesn't just slide around anywhere in the bag. for example, i have a sleeve and then a nice MEC backpack that i carry it and a few textbooks in. Once you have the sleeve, what backpack you choose is fairly open because the sleeve will keep the notebook safe as long as you don't drop your backpack to the ground from a foot off the ground constnalty :p
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    Dec 29, 2006
    I really like their white sleeve. Nice. I think I'll go with that one. Thanks :)

    Thanks for the modem idea guys.

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