Slick List -- A Gesture-Based Notepad with a Focus on Nested Lists

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    Jul 18, 2013
    Slick List is a simple yet surprisingly powerful gesture based notepad. The primary focus is on nested lists. Any item can become a new list so tasks can be broken down and organized in an infinite number of ways.

    Primary Features:
    • Every Item in any list can become a new list
    • Swipe items left and titles right to navigate
    • Multiple-item clipboard for moving items between lists.
    • Uses Two-touch gestures to delete, copy, cut and more.
    • Includes common gestures to move, cross-off and create new items.

    Itunes Link:
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    Jul 18, 2013
    Slick List is now free!

    As of version 1.1 Slick List is now free!

    Edit is restricted to 40 items but all other controls will continue to work.

    We are also experimenting with a system to unlock the app for free. We feel if a user doesn't make a purchase within a few days after downloading they probably never will so we decided to reward those users -- If they are loyal and continue to use our app it will unlock itself over time. There are actually 3 ways to unlock it and all are based on the app itself, no self-promotion or social networking (so no need to rate or share, just use the app as it was intended and it will unlock itself!)

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