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    Apr 21, 2012

    I came back to this forum representing MePixa!, a Brazilian (very-small-just-with-two-people) Company, to announce the Slide Road Free launch for iOS.

    Spray is a cat who only wants to eat his olives in peace, but an evil frog stole them from him!
    Get in your car and chase the olive trail left by that shameless thief!

    For that he should move the pieces of the stage while Spray follows the path in his car, but do not think this will be easy because the Spray's car has no brakes and he will not

    wait for you!

    The free version contains 15 stages (differents from the full version) and Retina Display Graphics, iPad3 included.

    YouTube Video:*
    *from the full version





    :: Go to Official Site

    :: Go to iTunes App Store for FREE DOWNLOAD

    PS: This is not the same app titled SLIDE ROAD, its a new app with different stages. I read all the rules of the forums and have not read anything that has

    discouraged me to create this thread, if I disrespected any forum rule I apologize in advance.

    Thank you all!

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