SlidesNow! - live and pre-recorded webcasting - version 3.0 released


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May 14, 2004
SlidesNow! Version 3.0 is Released

Product Description:
SlidesNow! is a breakthrough in webcasting on Mac OS X. It allows any Mac OS X user to deliver slides in a live webcast right next to live video from QuickTime Broadcaster. A built-in chat board allows viewers to communicate back to the presenter. Very simple interface and easy to use. Aimed at the small group webcasting market. Priced at only $50, it is the most affordable solution to break into the webcasting arena.


What's new in this version:

• Can now display live web pages that may include content such as QT movies and Flash animations
• Can now archive live or pre-recorded presentations for on-demand playback
• Can export an iCal calendar event
• Fixed a bug that would occasionally crash earlier versions
• Viewers can print chat window using the Print Chat button
• Viewers' names are posted with their chat message
• A View All Slides window allows viewers to peruse all the slides in the presentation at any time
• Personal Notes window allows viewers to take notes and print them out at any time during the presentation
• Can now post a photo instead of using video if preferred

Product Requirements:
Mac OS X (including Server) 10.1.5 or later
Quicktime Broadcaster (free download from Apple)
Quicktime Pro (only $10 if purchased with SlidesNow!)