Slight issue in creating movies files for the PSP 3000... HELP? ...

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by TheGreatMuta, Mar 22, 2013.

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    Feb 24, 2013
    So, here I am making movie files to play off a memory stick on my PSP 3000.

    Now, the rules for encoding these files seem notoriously fussy. I don't actually KNOW for definite exactly where I need to step in terms of all the settings and parameters, so I use a piece of software called iSkysoft Video Converter, and the PSP settings it provides you (with very few options should you wish to tweak your file a little) seem to give you an output file that WILL play on thwe PSP 3000. Something I've found to be no mean feat with any software.

    Usually, I'm a Handbrake user, but again, I just couldn't find the settings that the PSP wouldn't reject.

    As I understand it, it's to do with making sure you use the AVC codec in the sound? Something that doesn't seem to be common, and it's not in Handbrake. Not sure whether I should mention all this in one of the audio forums.

    Cuttting to the chase / Here's my point:

    Now, whilst I can use this iSkysoft program and get a great picture, as you'd expect on a PSP, the sound absolutely sucks. Tiny, tinny, little sound .

    I've tried running the files through 'Boom' but that a) doesn't add enough gain, and b) once again kicks something out in the settings that makes the PSP reject the file.

    If someone could just help me out here with one of the following:

    - A great program for encoding movie files for the PSP 3000, nice, large resolution, that maybe has a gain setting so I can crank some volume, also. I really need to hear that audio plenty.

    - Flawless Handbrake settings that will give me great output for the PSP 3000 (because I know you can tweak the gain in Handbrake). Again the settings to have a decent picture, too. Nice resolution.

    I realise I'm being very particular and I'm asking a lot, but really, the device itself is VERY particular about what it will even start to recognise.

    I just need to be able to make great videos for the PSP 3000.

    At the moment, I'm having to use about three programs in a chain with he file, to get a result that I'm I'm half-happy with.

    Thank you tons in advance.

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