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  1. neumannu47 macrumors newbie

    Jan 4, 2011
    My email uses a private email address that is nothing more than an alias for a Gmail account. I do not use the actual Gmail address for my email. That is, email sent to user(at) forwards to userinbox(at) My iPhone 4 is set to retrieve email from and send email through the userinbox(at) account.

    When I send an email through that account, I don't want the email to show that it came from userinbox(at) - it came from user(at) If I set up the account using the Other account type and designating the account as an IMAP, I can do exactly what I want except that the email is not pushed by Gmail to the phone. If I set up the account using the Gmail icon, the same thing happens except that I cannot change email address that displays when I send.

    I tried to set up this configuration using Exchange. That configuration works perfectly for my Gmail for which I do use the Gmail address (my mailing list account), but there is no way that I can find to change the displayed email address to one other than Gmail.

    Is there a way to get PUSH instead of IMAP email through Gmail and have a sender email address other than Gmail?

    If that's not confusing enough, I'll try again.
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    No. What you want is to effectively forge the address (use an unauthorized domain while sending outgoing mail thru Gmail servers).
    You need to set up "Google services for domains" in order to do what you wish to do (it's free and less complicated than your current setup, BTW).
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    Jan 4, 2011
    The problem is I don't own the domain. It is a paid forwarding service ( When I use webmail, I access the account through Gmail. Even Gmail has a setting to allow me to send as another user (which suggests that Gmail does not consider "forging" as a pejorative). So when I send email through the Gmail web interface, it shows as originating from my account. If I send through the iPhone, it shows as originating from Gmail.

    If there is no work-around, maybe I should use Boxcar. Except for this one minor issue, Gmail works great for the iPhone.

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