iPad Slightly disappointed or am I crazy?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by BainthaBrakk, Jan 5, 2013.

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    Well, just wanted to indulge you in something that I never thought would happen:

    I was a happy owner of the 4th gen iPad thinking that at least in the tablet business Apple was king. Then on Christmas eve my cousin received an imported Nexus 10 tablet. (Not available in Sweden where I live) Well, nothing wrong with that, I am an OS-agnostic, so I was curious and tried it out a bit and compared it to my iPad.

    Now to the surprising bit: I actually thought that the Nexus screen was superior to my iPad-screen!? I thought that the 264ppi would be enough to similate "print quality" on a tablet. I know, I know, if I had been happy up to this moment why would I care? But heres the eerie bit: Compared to the N10 I thought I saw pixelated fonts. Am I crazy?

    In other areas I think the iPad is superior, thats why I chose it in the first place, but it irks me that the N10 is print quality and not my iPad. Any thoughts?
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    I agree wth the link--the 16:10 aspect is very unattractive to me, and I would never consider an android tablet for thiis reason. I have noticed many reviews derivsive of the 16:10 aspect ratio of the Surface, but oddly this has never been cited negatively in an android review. I agree, though, that the ipad 4 is not truly "retina". I just think the whole hd display thing is massively over rated and I really don't care
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    I haven't seen the N10 up close but the iPad 4 does have a gorgeous screen. If I have the opportunity, I'd take the plunge on a N7. I'm very happy with my iPad mini but I like some of the things that android has to offer.

    Overall though I think the apple provides a complete experience. A great iPad, great OS and tons of apps that are easily integrated in the iOS. That is iCal, contacts, iTunes iCloud etc. I'm very well ingrained in the eco-system and so the iPad is a great tool
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    Yeah, I think I may be a tiny bit OCD here, but I still feel when I am reading a book that absolute retina is really an advantage.

    Well, it's always the same I guess, the upgrade syndrome is striking as always. I am happy how things are, so I'll stay silent, but my worry is that Apple (by OS-design) wont upgrade their resolution anytime soon.
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    I'd doubt they will, we've only had this resolution for less than a year. It would cause issues with app development as devs would need to code for yet another resolution.

    Anandtechs tests do show the N10's screen as being better in some respects, but its down to more than simply PPI. Both Google/ASUS and Apple could do numerous things to improve their screens without increasing PPI.

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