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    Sep 4, 2012
    Anyone using one? They have a bunch of colors available -


    The Casemachine i5 Slimline Flex Case has an ultra slim profile and is one of the lightest aluminum/flexible TPU hybrid cases weighing only 12 grams.
    The i5 Slimline Flex Case for iPhone 5 is constructed of aircraft grade aluminum and high impact elastic TPU. The anodized (over 10 colors) air craft grade CNC Machined aluminium inlays are bonded to our propietery elastic TPU bumper frame with special space adhesive developed for Casemachine. Our goal was to achieve a ultra light, thin as possible iPhone 5 case with exclellent drop protection and shock absorption with the least amount of bulk or width. For back glass protection, we use a CNC Machined Veneered Carbon Fiber backplate laminated with a low tack 3m adhesive. The Carbon Fiber backplate can be removed and reused with ease and has less tack than your average screen protector.

    The i5 Slimline Flex Case is designed for a case-less feel for the particular iPhone 5 fanatics who prefer no cases on their mobile device.
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    Not happy with Casemachine

    I preordered two i5 slimline cases back in March. Went to do some research on them and what I found wasn't good. I tried to cancel my order the next and waited 3 days for a reply. Finally I threatened them with bank action and they agreed to refund. So last week an i5 Slimline arrived. Good thing I got my money back because this case looks like it cost $5 to make and did not fit right because it was warped. I put a pic in the Casemachine thread. You can try your luck with them but I wouldn't take any of their cases if they gave them away free.:mad:

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