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    So i am now part of the new Beta program.

    Which allows Slingbox owners, or maybe even non-owners, to log into to:

    1- Watch programming via for free Such as (Battlestar Galactica Old & new) CSI Miami, and tons more, essentially lots of network programming old and new, Special mention an old favorite of mine: ACTION. so funny. and yes... even Playboy content, though sadly it has no nudity?? weird. Slingbox, if your going to offer playboy, don't censor, it is kinda just PG these days anyway considering the crazy stuff on the net.

    2- Watch your slingbox via webbrowser from afar. why could this be good? well instead of direct connecting, perhaps it connects via the sling servers and you may get a better connection from afar. dunno, WHY? this function is NOT MACINTOSH Compatible yet. It says they are working on it.

    Well good news is we get free programming on the website even without your sling working via it, though you can still use the mac client.

    and Sling is getting a iphone client and the new is partially mac compatible with the rest hopefully coming soon.

    I will report more when i have more info on the MBP i have running windows and trying out the windows functional browser. They prefer Firefox.

    Take Care everyone :)
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