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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by MrBlockHaus, May 29, 2007.

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    Mac gurus...

    I know little about Macs, but I know a bit about the Slingbox (and the SlingPlayer client software -- my company runs the SlingCommunity site -- the official community for the slingbox). Anyway, I stumbled upon a closed conversation about Mac and the slingbox with a number of unanswered questions in it re: the new SlingPlayer client for Mac, and wanted to try to offer some info...

    Mac-Addict wrote: Can you record tv from your slingplayer?

    SlingPlayer is a viewing tool. It's designed to allow you to stream your TV signal over the network (LAN or Internet) to a client device like a laptop or smartphone. It does not, however, have DVR functionality that allows you to record the signal once it gets decoded on the client side. Preferred architecture is that you hook your slingbox up to your DVR (TiVo or whatever). There's a decent blurb about this in this DVR accessories article on another of our sites.

    alwaysaangle wrote: So you have to already have a TV/cable box and cable sbscription for this to work?

    Yes. The slingbox is a little device that hooks to whatever other devices you already have. Best use is with a DVR (IMO), but some use it with security cameras, DVD players, direct connection to cable box, whatever. It takes whatever signal you plug into it, and pushes it across the network (with a patented compression algorithm designed to give you maximum performance for whatever bandwidth you have to work with). Fancy sounding algorithm works pretty well too, in my experience.

    So, the bad news is that you have to continue to pay for your existing TV service. The good news is that there is NO monthly service fee with the slingbox. Buy it once and use it forever with no lingering fees. (That's my favorite feature, I have to say.)

    I'll monitor this thread and am happy to answer other questions. Of course, I recommend posting questions like this in the forums on (there's also a SlingPlayer for Mac forum specifically), as there are SO many experts there that blow my knowledge of both the Mac and the slingbox out of the water. :cool:

    Have fun checking out the slingbox!
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    *cough* SPAM *cough*

    That other thread was closed for a reason, as will this one.
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    No spamming or coughing necessary. :)

    Obviously, I want people to go to our sites (not even remotely hiding that). But I also want useful information to get into the hands of those who want it. This is not intended to be spam but to answer direct questions asked in the other thread (which I agree was spammy).

    I hope the discussion isn't shut down just because it also benefits our site.
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    If he is responding to technical questions posted by other members on this forum, it could hardly be called spam. You are in the wrong sub-forum, however. This one is for buying advice for Apple products. SlingPlayer is not, yet, an Apple product. ;)
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    Move me if you need to!

    Was worried about that. Only posted here because that's where the original thread was. Maybe the moderators will move me to a more appropriate locale. :)

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