Slow airport transfer speed

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  1. stillspiraling macrumors newbie

    Feb 23, 2005
    I have a server box running gentoo linux, sharing my music via Samba. I connect to it and try to stream files from VNC, but it's extremely choppy and sounds terrible. I've done this same thing hundreds of times with my previous PC laptops with no issues whatsoever. I have my router set to full "G" compatability, but it is still amazingly choppy.

    Any ideas?

    The hardware:

    Apple 15" PBook 1.67GHz, 512M ram
    Microsoft Wireless Router (I know, I know... could this be it??)

    Server running a fairly late update of Gentoo, with smb.

    edit: Forgot to mention - I've been transferring a 500M file just to test it out, and I could most likely get download speeds much faster than this...

    Thanks in advance :)

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