Slow boot issue with external drive connected...


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Sep 22, 2007
Quick question for everyone...

I upgraded my Intel Core Duo iMac to Leopard last week with no issues. On Monday I purchased a Western Digital External USB drive to use with Time Machine. As soon as I connected the drive, Leopard recognized it and asked if I wanted to reformat for use with Time Machine. I did so and it has been working perfectly until yesterday.

Last night I did a check to see if there were any software updates for Leopard. I ran the utility and it indicated that there was a "Keychain upgrade" for Leopard which I then installed. The system indicated that it was making changes to the Boot RAM and then indicated that the Mac would automatically restart after the install was complete. I clicked OK and left the machine for a while. When I got back, I had a blue screen with the turning clock pips but the machine seemed to be stuck and wasn't restarting on its own. I turned off the machine and rebooted.

The issue I am now having is that whenever the external Time Machine drive is connected it is taking 3x longer to boot. When you do a reboot, the Mac's screen stays white for a good 3-4 minutes before the Apple logo appears and it then boots quite normal. If you disconnect the external USB drive, it boots immediately without any issues. Disk Utility shows it formatted properly as a Mac drive and I've double checked to make sure that the internal drive is selected as the startup disk. Its almost as if the Mac tries to boot from the external first, times out after 3 minutes and then boots normally from the internal. The only thing I've found is a small reference on Western Digital's site indicating that you should disconnect any external Mac drives before doing any system upgrades. In my case I left the drive connected when I did the small Leopard update yesterday.

Any ideas?



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Apr 15, 2004
Im sorry I cannot help you, but I am having the same problem... It has something to do with Spotlight indexing tho, I know that. All of my drives are indexed completely, but whenever I restart, Spotlight reindexes my external drives.... Making my boot up time way long


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Sep 30, 2005
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That update takes a long time, you may have killed the update halfway.

Option one is to download the update manually and re-install.

Next option is a clean install of 10.5.
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