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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Lamplighter77, Feb 9, 2009.

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    I used to have Comcast cable internet service and I used a regular old Linksys wireless router with it. My phone used to connect to this wifi network within a few seconds of unlocking it. About a month ago I switched to Verizon FIOS home internet service. With the Verizon internet service the cable modem itself is a wireless router as well so right now I let my sister borrow/have my linksys router.

    My problem is, now it takes something closer to a minute for my phone to connect to my wifi network. Sometimes I can speed it up by going into settings (where it says its connected to the Verizon router the whole time even though it says 3G in the status bar and behaves like its on 3G) and turn wifi off then back on. This is kind of a pain when I am sitting around and something comes up that I want to check out online real quick. I switch the input on my TV to my PC and go to start up Jaadu Connect and I have to sit there and wait for the phone to pick up the wifi. I know I can use Jaadu on 3G but its no where near as smooth and easy to control vs. when you are on the same network as the PC. This is really going to be an issue for me once Crestron releases their iphone app and I am using my phone to control everything in my home system. If I want to change the channel on the TV I will have to wait a minute for the phone to connect then launch the app, then change the the channel...

    Does anyone else have Verizon and what kind of time does it take your phone or ipod touch to connect to it? Is there any settings maybe in the router that might allow devices to connect faster?
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    It's FiOS so you don't have a cablemodem, you have a ONT either in your closet like my apt, or outside your home if you own one. :)

    I hooked up my own router because I didn't like theirs at all. Mine only takes a few seconds to pick up on WiFi after waking up from sleep. I use Remote and use Safari on occasion when I don't want to get up and use my laptop. I would play around with the wireless settings, maybe you switched channels with the new router?

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