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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by elgrecomac, May 6, 2013.

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    Background: I own a 2008 MBP and while at home, I use a hardwired ethernet connection rather than WIFI. I recently upgraded to WEBPASS.NET for my ISP which has brought ultrahigh speed connectivity to my condo. My wife's iMac constantly runs download speeds of 300+mbp and upload speeds of 150+mbs
    on my MBP i am getting anywhere from 50-100mbs/ 20-35mbs. (yes, I know those are great speeds but I am supposed to get at least 200mb/100mb.).

    What I have done: I have tweaked the network setting in preferences to be manual 1000mbs, full duplex, mtu-standard. But this did not help. Neither did tweaking a setting in firefox regarding a dns setting. That did nothing either.
    I have used Chrome, Firefox and safari with not luck.
    BUT ...
    if I connect my wife's iMac to my rj45, the iMac still generates the numbers listed above. So the problem is not the line or the router but the MBP...which is capable of 1 gb speeds.
    I have spoken with Webpass but all of their stuff is working great...it is the 2008 MBP.

    I even reinstalled 10.8.2 with no luck.

    Any suggestions besides buying a new MBP? Thx!

    P.S. Webpass.net is an unbelievable service for $50/month or $450 a year. But you'll need to live in a newer high rise in SF, Oakland or San Diego for now.
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    Answered my own question

    1. Configure ethernet to 1Gb, full duplex.
    2. Reset SMC.

    It works blazingly fast now:

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