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  1. Robbiemac, Mar 28, 2012
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    Sep 23, 2011
    uncle visiting from Canada to Australia with IPad and ITunes account purchased a movie yesterday and has not downloaded in 16 hours,tried to play, started playing at 75% download then crashed. Went back into Itunes store, checked the download which had restarted noted 22 hours to finish, 24 hours later still not finished saying 400 hours to 1200 hours to complete, tried to pause. Will not pause what should I do. Normally only takes an hour to download.
  2. Robbiemac thread starter macrumors newbie

    Sep 23, 2011
    Still not downloaded. Checked download allowance and have only used 7gb out of 50gb... So my question is, if I go into the videos app, hit edit and delete movie that hasn't finished downloading will he be charged for the movie? And if he has can he re download it on his laptop?
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    I don't know why you are having download problems but yes he can re download them free.
    I think why you are having issues after all.
    It's because of being in another country.
    His iTunes account is in canada and you are in Australia.
    Try to go to iTunes Canada and download it from there.

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