slow moving background effect added to still images

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by rpaloalto, Dec 8, 2008.

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    I have seen this effect added to still images like old b&w photgraphs. Many times on discovery channel.

    This is almost like the ken burns affect. Were the camera pans across the photo.
    Except in this effect it seems as if just the background moves and not the subject.

    In the affect it looks like their is two thing going on
    1. It looks like more depth has been added between the subject and back ground
    2. The background will shift or move slightly. Independently from the subject or foreground.

    Anybody know what this effect might be called or how it was obtained
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    If you're talking about the background and the foreground of the same photo moving at different rates, that can be done with the help of Photoshop. You'll need to select the foreground and make it into a new layer then save as a PSD. Import the PSD into FCP and manipulate the two layers as needed.


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