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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Angelus, Mar 29, 2004.

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    My mum switched to a 15" imac about 3 weeks ago. The only problem is that she is managing only 35000bps compared to my powerbooks 45333bps when she connects via dialup. We are both on the same line but my tibook is running 10.2.5 whereas she is running 10.3.0.
    The internet on her imac is constantly slowing to a crawl with popups saying the page could not be loaded/found. Are there any known problems with 10.3.0 and slow net connections on dialup? Will 10.3.3 update bring any benefits? Is it a software problem or is it the modem?
    Emptying safaris cache helped for about a day but then it returned again.

    I know i am asking alot of questions but i need help with this one.
    I read somewher that putting imacs to sleep can cause glitched with the modem on dialup,is this true?
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    You really need to update your iMac to the latest version of Mac OS X.3 (OS X.3.3). You may see improvements in speed as far as connections, but also it patches MAJOR problems with data loss with FW800 drives, FileVault, etc. You should also notice better networking and overall system performance improvements. Now that is quite a download for people on dial-up but in Software Update you can download the update a little at a time and it will automatically pick back up where you left off. I would apply the update and see if that helps.

    Make sure the iMac has the same dial-up settings as the PowerBook. If this is a brand new iMac then try using the .v90 Modem script instead of the .v92 modem script. That probably won't make a difference but its worth a shot.

    If you got this iMac with Panther installed then its also possible that you have a corrupt install of Panther (Mac OS X.3). So re-installing Mac OS X.3 may also be an option, although a last resort option. Then be sure to apply the OS X.3.3 update to it.
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    Mar 22, 2004
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    I just got the iMAC 20" as well. But unlike yours, I don't/can't see any slowing down in Safari. Granted, I don't really BROWSE the web often, but I've never received a popup stating that a page was unloadable, etc... I guess that's not very helpful in your case.. ..

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