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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Vetebullen, Jun 9, 2013.

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    Dec 26, 2012

    I bought a custom macbook air at the beginning of the schoolyear (I study computer science at college), and after christmas I started having various issues with it. After having it for repair for a time totalling more than 2 weeks, I finally got an ok to replace it. I sent it in as described and got an "Ok, we got your package"-email on May 24. To this day (June 9) I have not got my computer back.

    I have contacted the number in the e-mail, and literally begged them to reply after 11 days of no response whatsoever (I still had some hope that I would get my computer before finals). After not hearing from them within 24 hours, I contacted apple customer support (Wednesday June 5). The person I spoke to told me that he should ask them (the ones responsible) to call me, and that he was going to be in on Saturday (June 8) if I needed help. I also filed a complaint.

    The next day (Thursday June 6) someone with the standard apple customer support number called me, but I missed the call. Since they called from the standard number, I did not want to go through the usual half hour procedure of calling and finding the right person. I also (naive as I may seem) assumed that they should try to call again or send me an e-mail (this new technology of which apple customer support seem to be blissfully unaware). I tried to call the guy that should be in on Saturday on Saturday, but no reply.

    I am immensely tired of this whole business. I have gotten significantly lower grades because of not having a computer during long periods of time during this school year. I am tired of sitting through phone calls of up to half an hour, and every time having to repeat some personal data that they for unknown reasons have failed to record or can't access. I am so frustrated with apple customer support never using e-mails but doing things over phone as if we were living in the fifties. I even paid $25 for another month of phone calls solely to be able to call apple customer support (I am an international student going home in a few weeks). I do not know what I should do and what I can demand from them.

    It's so ironic that I bought a mac because "it just works" and they got "excellent customer service".

    I am sorry to dump my frustration on this forum. If you have any ideas what I should do, feel welcome to share them.
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    May 1, 2009
    when stuff like this happens to me, i call (during normal m-f 9-5 business hours) and refuse to talk to anyone but a manager. Just repeat it over and over again like a POW reciting name and rank.:p

    When you get the manager, kill him with kindness and explain your situation calmly and politely. Hopefully he or she will help you out. I wouldn't be combative, but I would definitely make him know that i am a "victim" of what sounds like a lemon and worse poor customer service. Explain that you have been without your machine for 2 weeks in addition to the time it was being serviced. Maybe he will authorize them to go ahead and ship on Monday or set up a store pick up.

    Regarding your "significantly lower grades," does your school not have a computer lab? Maybe your department has loaner laptops.

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