Slow shutdown, random popping noises, magsafe ticks...


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Jun 27, 2007
My 15" sr mbp has been taking forever to shut down ever since I installed leopard...

Also I've always been hearing random popping sounds from the speaker when os x sound effects getting an im, signing into ichat, emptying trash..they happen even when my speakers are muted

Also, I was in the library and was able to hear that when my mbp was sleeping, the magsafe plug (into the macbook pro) made a fast, constant ticking sound... It seems to happen after plugging it out and in again and only while its sleeping..I can still hear it even when I'm not in the library if i put my ear up to it

is this normal?


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Jan 27, 2009
try this one

It's likely that you have wrong permissions on your hard disk, try the following:
Boot using your Leopard CD.
then choose your language and press next.
run Disk Utility from the utilities menu.
choose repair disk permissions.
restart (quit the installer).

Good luck.
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