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Slow Wi-FI reconnection after hibernation


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Mar 15, 2013
Hey everybody!,

since the last weeks i'm having some problems with the Wi-Fi not connecting immediately when getting the notebook out of hibernation. this sometimes takes up to 20 seconds. when I click the WI-Fi icon it sometimes doesn't read any networks or just jumps from all networks to no networks in the area.

it's a small thing but very annoying if you just want to proceed when the notebook was shut.



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Sep 4, 2011
My issue in similar in that if I'm plugged into power and wake from sleep, wifi is slow to load stuff or doesn't load anything at all. Then I have to turn wifi off and turn it back on. It works properly when I'm not plugged into power. Really annoying and I'm not sure why it does it...


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May 1, 2012
Before the update to 10.11.4, my WiFi actually stayed awake when the machine was in sleep mode (not hibernation, presuming there's a difference - I think it's two different things). That, or the "wake for network access" function actually worked.

Since 10.11.4, and still with 10.11.5, I can't remotely access the machine once it goes to sleep. Luckily for me it's an iMac, so it's plugged in and on 24/7, so I had to resort to setting the sleep time to "Never".
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