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    It might be a stupid question but I 'm trying this really simply program in iOS. Basically an NSLog in an if-clause. On my mini i7 16GB (no SSD) it does need some time compiling. I never saw my cpu jump up in activity monitor. So I was wondering if there 's somewhere a button which would decrease compiling time. For on the course I'm following it takes a second, and I'm waiting a minute or more. Well it doesn't if the iOS simulator is already running. But does it take so much time to start up the simulator?

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    Yes. If you want to feel better about it you can try starting up an Android simulator. I haven't had to work on Android for nearly 2 years now, but when I last did, the simulator would take 10 minutes to start. The iOS simulator, by comparison, feels quite quick to start up.
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    lol ok, so it just takes time for the simulator to boot. Does the simulator's time coincide with that of a real device? Android, what's that :p
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    Yes, it does. But most of the time there's no need to keep closing the simulator. Just leave it running and Xcode will start running your app appropriately.

    Not really. That's another reason why it's important to test your app on real devices.
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    My understanding is compile time is determined significantly by disk access time, just from a lot of C type compile of software in a Linux environment. The reason being at least in C, when something get compiled, it goes through checking a linking a bunch of libraries all over the disk, causing a whole bunch of small disk access that aren't fun. Maybe consider getting an SSD for your comp?
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    Simulators opens in about 20 sec (i just did test and it took 10 sec to compile, open simulator and run app), but if it is already open, then it takes 3-4 seconds to compile and run program on simulator. I usually keep simulator open for days. I never have problem. I make sure that simulator is not running my app when i put mac to sleep. I have i5 dual core macbook with SSD.
    Maybe think about switching to SSD, they are getting cheaper by the minute.
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    Yes, even the newest Android 5.0 simulator is SLOW. Talking 5-10 minutes on a high-end Mac Pro. It is a pain to work with. Lucky me, I do it daily.

    OP: Yes, this is normal and as others have said, don't close the simulator after every time you run it.
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