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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Spalland, Jan 6, 2009.

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    Jan 6, 2009
    Ok, i got my first mac about this time 2 years ago. At the time i was a complete Mac newb and was getting one because i was doing a music course.

    Since then i have never looked back....i am a fluent mac user and am comfortable with all the terms and quirks of OSX so feel free to answer with a higher level of complexity if needed.

    The Situation: My iMac Intel core2duo (white), Running Tiger, has suddenly and quite fatally fallen ill. It was fine, but a little slow due to still having the original install from when i bought it, and me making a mess of my files when i was a newb lol. It was capable of running Logic Pro, interfacing with hardware and complex AU plugins. I was heading out and needed a quick shutdown so i did a naughty and just held the powerswitch down till the mac powered down. Since doing this my mac hasn't been the same. The only change i made before i did the shutdown was ripping a CD to itunes.

    The Problem: When i turned the mac back on it wouldnt load up properly, it just when to the plain blue screen and stuck there. (I though this was to do with some updates that may have installed without me knowing). I rebooted the system 4 times with the same result every time. I removed the CD from the drive by holding down the mouse click during start-up, and removed all hardware peripherals except the keyboard and mouse. I tried the startup again and still just a blue screen..... So i put in the mac startup disk that was shipped with the computer, this got me to the osx installer, i was going through the wizard and it asked me to select a drive to install to.........there were no drives there.......So now i am laying bricks that my hard drive is knackered. I rebooted the mac and this time i get a complete startup to osx, with finder and all my desktop files visible. This i thought was great untill i clicked on anything and it took about 5 minutes to load. I can click on the apple logo in the top left and have to wait 4-5 minutes just to see the drop down menu. then another 10 minutes of waiting after i click on system prefs.

    I cannot lose what i have on my hard drive, but i cant get anything to transfer to my external drive while it is processing so slowly.

    Please help me

    Glenn Holland:apple:
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    Dec 22, 2008
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    I wouldn't give up just yet. That you can (sometimes) boot to it indicates that the drive works and your computer is just experiencing problems. Does it show up in Disk Utility in the Mac OS X installer now? If that works, it may be possible to recover your files using target disk mode, or by using Terminal to copy to an external hard drive.

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