Slowness with Bootcamp + VMware Fusion 3

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by odinsride, May 17, 2011.

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    I am using both Bootcamp and VMware Fusion 3 to run Windows 7 64-bit on my 2010 Mac Pro 6-core (12gb ram + SSD). Windows is installed on it's own dedicated 500gb HDD.

    Recently I have noticed logging into Windows (either using bootcamp or VMware) is extremely slow. I get to the login screen in a reasonable amount of time but once I type my password and login, it will be another 5 minutes before Windows is usable.

    I'm wondering what could be causing this, and what could I do to figure out/fix the issue without reinstalling windows. My only guess is that it could be something due to me switching back and forth between VMware and Bootcamp a lot so Windows might have some driver confusion?

    I only use Windows to run games on Steam, nothing else is installed.

    Ideas? Thanks!
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    Open both msconfig/services.msc to see whats loading on your machine. If its only going slow loading the Desktop, you probably have something weird installed that's slowing everything down (maybe some Malware?).

    Next try defragmenting your HD inside of Windows (but your HD would have to be really damn fragmented to cause a delay of 5min to load the Desktop).

    Before defragmenting, disable System Restore and delete any files in use by it (because all of those backup files are locked and cannot be moved).

    Windows Disk Defragmenter also has a command to re-locate boot/commonly used files to a faster part of the disk. Open up a Admin command prompt and type "defrag c: /h /u /v /b".

    You could also try uninstalling/reinstalling VMware Additions and check for any updates to Fusion.

    If everything else fails we could try enabling auto-logon of your user account, run a boot trace and have a look at whats slowing it down.

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