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    This year we have seen a kind of neurosis developing in cMP community because we have so many potential upgrades. I tried nearly all of these and really believe that we don't need most of it. There is no perceivable difference for most people in real world use and application.

    USB 3.1 - only useful for quick back up and only if the disks in both sides match the same speed

    Any SSD that R/W more than a gig/s - only useful if you are capturing and streaming multi gigabyte files

    AHCI in Bootcamp - benchmarks say no difference.

    PCI 2.0 in Bootcamp - very little difference for gaming, even less for compute

    NVME - only improves latency but most people won't notice it

    Titan X - overpriced card. Twice the cost of GTX980 with only 25% more speed and then you pay more electrics
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    Respectfully disagree, NVMe drastically reduces CPU overhead per I/O and shortens code lengths per I/O, dramatically deepens queuing depth, and can, with appropriate devices, offer great advantages in random IOPS.

    But back to the original question: there is little hope for this device to be recognized by the current Apple supplied NVMe driver, which appears to be closely tied to the Apple proprietary NVMe controller chip. Although it would be quite easy to support third party NVMe devices, it has already been demonstrated that the Apple driver does not recognize the Intel NVMe devices. Much like third party TRIM support, Apple may chose to support third party NVMe devices in future releases.
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    There are other uses for fast drives.

    Those who make a living running apps dependent on CUDA may have a different opinion.
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    If it's a business expense they can make profit from then it's not an issue. If it's a personal expense it's not good value. They can get dual GTX980 or dual GPU cards for cheaper than Titan X

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