Small Business Server 2008 is Blocking Websites

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    Since there is no clear section for this post, it seems most likely that people perusing the Server and Networking section would have experience with Windows SBS 2008 or simply Windows Server 2008.

    Anyways it seems that the Server I built is blocking access to many websites and is affecting all the computers on my network, I will get "Server Not Found" error in Firefox and similar messages in Safari and IE. This seems to occur mainly on many foreign websites such as those ending in or .de even on major sites such as or Also on some of the websites I have access to part of the content is blocked. For example has some images disabled.

    Newegg with Dynamic IP
    Newegg Bad.jpg

    However on any of the affected computers if I turn off the function of obtaining an IP Address automatically and instead set a Static IP Address and DNS. Then choose my routers IP address for the router and DNS settings rather than my Server's IP address all websites work fine. On my local network I can still access shared folders and remote desktop however I can no longer access company web.

    Newegg with Static IP
    Newegg Good.jpg

    Other possibly pertinent information.

    - This error did not occur until I set up Remote Web Workplace and directed the needed ports through my firewall to my Server.
    - The Windows Server is my DHCP Server.
    - DHCP is disabled on my router.
    - No third party software is installed on my Server, except Firefox and Flash Player. All that is installed is SBS 2008, drivers and any updates through Microsoft update.
    - Vonage phone hooked up to LAN with necessary ports opened in the firewall and directed to Vonage device. I did not place the device in between the router and modem as it would make my internet connection unreliable. The device has been connected to the LAN for over a year in this manner without causing problems.

    I am not running a business off this server. My use of SBS 2008 is purely academic for the time being. I have been using "Windows Small Business Server 2008 Unleashed" by Eriq Oliver Neale as a guide for learning SBS 08. So the only ports I have opened and directed to my Server are for Remote Web Workplace to function.

    Since SBS 08 does not automatically act like a router as 03 did none of these functions were enabled. I don't think these functions can be possible with Server 08 without a third party program.
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    Your problems sound like DNS issues. The SBS and Windows server MUST BE THE DNS SERVER in the domain in order for Active directory to work properly. If you use DHCP, it has to be set to provide the server address as the DNS address to all clients.

    The SBS DNS service must be running and it should be the only system with an outside DNS address. You MUST provide outside lookup addresses for it to use otherwise DNS isn't going to work (Microsoft somewhat buries these in the setup). Also, common mistake, do not use the servers address for an address in its DNS settings. DNS will break.

    I've got a SBS 2008 server happily handling all the clients (mac and PC) and providing DNS addresses for websites and such fine...

    Short answer: You need to check your Windows DNS setup and do the tests in the DNS application...
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    Dec 19, 2004
    I turned off DHCP on the router and let the Server's Connect to Internet Wizard set all DNS settings automatically and set the Server as the DHCP server. When all connection settings are on Automatic on the client computers they do recognize the Server as the DNS server as they list its IP Address.

    It is only when I manually bypass the Server and set the router as the DNS server that all web sites are once again accessible.

    I will try running the diagnostic to see if those can repair the issue though.
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    Jul 26, 2005
    I had this problem with Windows Server 2008 Enterprise.

    The reason that images won't load is because Newegg's images are hosted by Akamai (at least is), and the IP address changes frequently. I restarted the DNS service and it worked fine for a few hours.

    Obviously this isn't a permanent solution, but it could fix it temporarily if you need to access one site immediately.

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