Small/Light/Fast External HD (320GB+)

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by thriii, Jul 5, 2010.

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    I'm going on a trip and ill have to leave my macbook pro in the hotel room.. since ill have to leave my macbook pro in the hotel room what I would like to do is have my programs/files run off of the macbook pro but store my data/pictures/important files on a Small/Light/Fast External HD.. when I have to leave the hotel I would like to bring it with me wherever I go.. this seems like the best option so far but I am open to other suggestions if anyone has any.. if not what kind of External HD should I be looking for? I'm looking for about 320GB+
  2. jacksonkeller macrumors member

    Dec 7, 2009
    I have a 320gb transcend storejet. They are about 75-80 bucks on amazon. I have not dropped mine, but supposed to survive from a desk height to floor drop. Comes formatted for pc, but thats easy to change. Powered off usb port, no firewire available though. ......
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    A Western Digital MyStudio with Firewire 800 is very fast and quite small, but a bit expensive.
    If you are afraid of dropping it, you have the LaCie rugge, but it´squite bulky. I´m no fan of LaCie myself, but some people swear to them.
    If you don´t need FW 800, the Seagate Go is very slim and compact. You get them from 320GB.

    I´ve had the WD and the Seagate with my in my bag when I have travelled, hiked, skied etc. No problem. The Seagate comes with a 5 year warranty, that indicates that it´s made to last IMHO

    Good luck
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    Feb 14, 2007
    I looked at all the drives suggested in this thread and i either had concerns about transfer speed or the size of the drive.. i found this one:

    I know glyph drives r generally used for music production but fast drives are needed for music production and i see this has an option for eSATA.. would I be able to use this with a macbook pro? if not there is always firewire 800 but i am curious about the eSATA.. i have a 2007 C2D Macbook Pro
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    +1 for the WD passport studio. Just do a reformat when you get it.
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  8. EzhnoWolf macrumors member

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    It is not Firewire 800, but if you don't mind USB 2.0 speeds, I can't gush enough about the Western Digital Elements SE 1 TB potable external HDD.

    It is bus-powered, so no need for an AC cord. it is relatively fast enough for uploading files which aren't in the severl GB range, and it plays video very quickly with no interruption (I keep all my movies and tv shows on this external). NO crapware/smartware

    Avaiable from

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