Small Macbook Pro?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Holmes89, May 5, 2008.

  1. Holmes89 macrumors regular


    Mar 6, 2008
    Pittsburgh, PA
    I was wondering if there is a Macbook and Macbook Pro redesign this summer do you think they will make a smaller Macbook Pro? Like 13 inches?
  2. squeeks macrumors 68040


    Jun 19, 2007
  3. Satori macrumors 6502a


    Jun 22, 2006
    Can't see it happening.

    Since the demise of the 12" PB (which was really not much more than an ibook in alluminum cladding by the end of its life), Apple have shown no interest in creating a pro machine in the small form factor. The more I think about it, this makes sense,... why put a dedicated graphics card (this is always the main difference between the pro and consumer models) in a machine that has tiny screen real estate?
  4. Tom B. macrumors 65816

    Tom B.

    Mar 22, 2006
    You raise a valid point, however what if this hypothetical 13.3" MacBook Pro had a 1440x900 screen like the Thinkpad X300?
  5. zign macrumors 6502


    Apr 9, 2006
    Exactly! i always thought 12" powerbook was pointless.
  6. Yvan256 macrumors 603


    Jul 5, 2004
    A smaller screen doesn't necessarily imply a lower resolution than a bigger screen. They could make a 12" MacBook Pro with the same screen resolution as the 15" model.
  7. operator207 macrumors 6502

    Jul 24, 2007
    On top of that, you have a DVI port, and plug in your nice big screen, and you have something tiny, portable and that can be used as a desktop replacement (of sorts) that could play games.

    I can see the want/need of another 12" PB in MBP speed, though it would not be for me. My 15" MBP is just right.
  8. Westsider 4 Mac macrumors regular

    Westsider 4 Mac

    Apr 12, 2007
    On the West Side
    Definitely for a 12/13 inch MBP

    We discussed this very point in another thread. I believe that there is a huge market for a MBP level 12/13 inch aluminum laptop that does not make you sacrifice specs like the MBA does.:apple:

    There is definitely a market for a 12/13 MBP level aluminum spec'd model for four reasons.

    1.) people are still clamoring for a fully spec'd, Light, MBP level laptop. The Mac Book Air gives away too much in usefull specs to be seriously considered in a one laptop home.

    2.)There are folks that will not buy a plastic laptop, regardless of specs. I do many keynote and powerpoint presentations in corporate settings. Trust me, I am breaking out the aluminum MBP vs the white or black macbook consistently.

    3.)The only real differences between a TOTL mac blackbook and a baseline 15 MBP is the screen size and the graphics card as specs are basically the same. The problem for is that the separate graphics card is a deal maker to most people, especially if you plan to use it for more than a year. More powerful programs demanding graphic power are available more than ever. In my opinion, a separate graphics card is a must have If you are looking for any logetivity in your purchase. If ever decides to make a 12/13 inch, aluminum MBP with a separate graphics card again, it would absolutely fly off the shelves.

    4.) The 12 Inch PBG4 is iconic because the screen is set vertically as as opposed to the horizontal setup in the current Macbooks. This layout works perfectly on middle seats on airplanes. The screen layout is great for using software suites iwork, iLife, Word and others.

    Again, , in my opinion is missing the boat on this as well as a mid priced mini tower. Hopefully, the folks in Cupertino will mine thier history a bit and update a classic, aka the Volkswagon beetle...

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