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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by andreyirra, Jan 5, 2017.

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    Hi. I have an old lg Ht503TH home theater that doesn't have an HDMI input. It can be found here:

    The Apple TV 4 doesn't have an optical out and my guess is the next generation of videogame consoles won't either. So I could go by using and optical audio extractor but I suppose is a small and temporary fix.

    So I started checking for a new receiver and I was hoping I could use the existing speakers while I replace them one by one. They use speaker wire and are 4 ohms and new receivers usually come prepared for 6 and 8 ohms. The sobwoofer is not powered either so I would need a separate amplifier. Then I saw there are a few Onkyo receivers that come with a set of speakers and subwoofer for a reasonable price that I could use for a while and then I could replace them. Like this one:

    So my question is: Are those speakers good quality even if the have something like 2 speakers per box? The ones in my Lg have 4 speakers per tower and sound considerably good, packing a lot of punch and presence even without taking the subwoofer into account. I'm sure lots of speakers should sound noticeably better, crystal clear. Like my B&W headphones.

    My question is: would it feel and sound like a downgrade? Would the sound field be affected? Is the quality enough to justify the change in size and number of speakers per box?
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    On your TV did it have an optical out port? If so try that for a work around!
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    It won't work. The 2 HDTVs dont have passthrough in the optical out, just stereo pcm.
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    If your player (bluray/DVD) and Tv has Digital Audio port then you don't have to compromise sound quality.

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