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Sep 26, 2010
I like playing my Pandora stations while taking a shower. Makes it easier to relax. Especially with a Logitech UE Mini Boom. Thanks Wirecutter - It sounds many times better than the mini-Jambox which I bought and no longer use. I have even made room for it in my carry-on. Transforms any hotel room into a better place.

At home with my iPhone 5, I could not take the Logitech speaker into the bathroom AND leave my iPhone 5 in its normal charging location. Too much static. However, if I removed it from charging station to move it closer to the shower and forgot to put it back, the next day the iPhone was dead before I came home from work.

With my iPhone 6 plus, I wasn't worried about the battery as much, but since I don't yet have a case for it, I wanted to leave it in the charging station, not anywhere near a tile floor.

So I paired using the Mini-Boom's speaker pairing button to the iPhone 6 plus. Left the iPhone 6+ in the charging station. Took the Logitech into the bathroom... et voila! Clear sound.

And there's the small "wow". Clear sound. Clear Lana Del Rey. Clear Death Cab for Cutie. Clear David Gray. I'm interpreting this as a better Bluetooth. Thanks Apple :apple:!


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Aug 3, 2013
Hamburg, Germany
Also, I noticed Airdrop works way faster. I transferred a video of 48 seconds in 4 seconds. With Airdrop on iPhone 5s, it took me 40 seconds to transfer a 1 minute video, so it would have taken me 2/3*4/5 of a minute to transfer the 48 second video (= 8/15 = 32 seconds). Awesome job Apple... :apple:
I haven't checked out Bluetooth yet though.


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Dec 8, 2009
I noticed bluetooth was a lot better with the iPhone 6/6+ too.

I'm kinda surprised they didn't push the quality of the bluetooth chip or the faster charging speeds during the keynote.
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