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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by neilpryde23, Feb 23, 2012.

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    I noticed a decent number of people have said that they would want apple to put a smaller bezel on the MBA. I personally don't mind it right now but suppose Apple were to do so because they/Sir Ive thinks it "looks better" (I think in the biography, it said something about how Steve hated thick bezels too). Do you think they would increase the size of the screen with the same resolution (so a lower dpi which seems to be a step backwards considering their push for "Retina"/really really good resolution screens) or make the actual enclosure smaller (meaning smaller footprint) to keep the same screen size which could potential reduce the power or battery life which would also be a step back IMO? Or could they go with a completely different resolution dimension?

    I just thought of this problem when reading through the whole thread about what people want/wish to see in the new MBA
    and couldn't really decide. Obviously this is purely speculative and Apple may not reduce the bezel at all. I'm just curious what other people think could be done

    OR, this idea just came to me, they could make the change the same year they quadruple the number of pixels so that the screen will get bigger but the Dpi will increase so much that it will still be a great leap forward... A 12"ish air (with the current 11" foot print dimensions) with a resolution of 2732x1536 (double the current), wouldn't that be nice haha
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    Has anyone measured the exact diagonal space of the 11" including the bezel? I'm talking make believe now so nobody attack me for saying this, but IF they went to gorilla glass 2 (Thinner/Lighter/More Durable and supposedly what they have on iPad3) then they could maximize screen real estate to the edges while maintaining the same enclosure.

    BTW. Apple already has a patent on the center display webcam, and if anyone here has seen those bezel-free TV's then they know how shocking it is to see a display without a bezel so they can have a very futuristic look once technology catches up to concept.

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