Smallest 1TB HD Ever: Losing your data has never been easier!

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    Hello all,

    Western Digital has just released the world’s smallest 1 TB hard drive at just 7mm thick, it is the world’s smallest 1 TB Hard Drive… But who wants their data on a HD that is 7mm thick?

    Full article here:
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    Those hard drives are used in the WD MyPassport Edge (and Seagate Slim), but with a different connector and it's only a matter of time until they show with enclosures:

    There isn't even a difference between those drives and 9.5mm ones, other that they shaved 2.5mm. I wouldn't be surprised if they ship with a 9.5mm adapter like SSDs and don't release a 9.5mm 1TB drive at all (HGST announced a WD Blue-esque 9.5mm 1.5TB drive already).
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    People who like skinny things?

    Just kidding
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    Do we have to compress our files? Perhaps resize our photos?

    Just kidding also.

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