Smallest & Cheapest DigiCams for OS X??


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Jul 19, 2004
Lexington, KY
What are the smallest & cheapest digicams available for OS X? There are a million cheap-o, itty-bitty digitals for the Windoze world, and some work with OS X with the IOXperts USB driver, but which work natively?

I have a Philips Key 007 that works almost perfectly with X (a bit cranky about unmounting every now and then), but the shutter lag is horrendous, on the order of four or five seconds. The picture quality is crap, but that's to be expected for something the size of a pen drive.

Are there any others?


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Dec 19, 2002
Madison, WI
I am not sure what you mean by 'cheap', but I would recommend the Canon A510 that has been recently released. Its relatively small, although it still cant been the SD200-500 series, uses 2x AA batteries and takes SD card.

It is 3.2 MP (more than enough for 4x6 prints) comes with a 4x optical zoom and a flash head that changes with the zoom(extends the reach of the flash)! In addition, it also allows for complete manual control of the camera settings, which older lower-end digicams often lack.

The list price is $199 and I am pretty sure you can get a lower price if you look around.

I cant comment on whether it works natively with OS X (probably not), but I always use an external card read anyways after a bad experience in which the usb port on my camera broke after too much plugging to the computer....

el greenerino

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Jul 7, 2003
Basically anyone reputable will make cameras that will work with iPhoto (except the 20D, but that's an SLR). If they don't, then what are the chances they make a quality product?

Don't buy a kodak,HP,Sony. Stick with CAMERA companies (Kodak makes film, not cameras) like Nikon, Canon, Pentax etc.
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