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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by R.R.Mac, Feb 27, 2008.

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    What is the smallest codec (avi, mov, rm, ETC.) To use. I have a space filled hard drive and need want to convert my movies into a different type to save space. Which is the smallest codec. I have multiple programs and know how to use them but what is best without reducing quality that much.
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    .avi, .mov etc. are not codecs, but containers that hold your video compressed by a codec and your audio (also, interestingly enough, compressed by other codecs)

    To answer your question, most of the codecs are really small. It brings up the age-old question: how many codecs can dance on the head of a pin. Philosphers and theologians have debated that one for 2000 years.

    In terms of which codecs you can use to reduce file sizes the most, I guess that's a different question, and is also accompanied by: what do you consider acceptable quality, who's going to view it, over what medium, on what platform, how much horsepower does the viewing computer have, do you plan to work on these videos again, will people view them on a PC or on a TV, what are the formats the videos are in now, are they SD or HD videos and how's the quality, etc. etc.

    If no one's ever going to view them, and you aren't planning on using them in other movie or video products, then I suggest the delete codec.

    A very general, almost useless answer (without knowing more about what you are trying to achieve) is try an h.264 codec. Though the viewing PC will need some horsepower h.264 provides a very good trade off between size and quality, but makes editing with them later, tricky. You can end up with h.264 as a .mov or a .mp4 file.

    Might I suggest you spend some time on wikipedia. Research what .avi and .mov are, h.264, codec, and other terms. That might really help you understand what you are trying to ask. Or just go ahead and toss some videos through isquint or VisualHub (or whatever) and see how it goes. Don't forget to twiddle with some of the settings before hitting start. That seems to do something.

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