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    Hi all

    I have just ordered a Lutron caseta hub so I can use there range of light switches and shades, I was wondering if anyone new of any smart bulbs that could be paired to the bridge ? I want to have bulbs in lamps that I can control via a pico remote or Siri, I believe Lutron make a pico remote for controlling either zwave or zigabee bulbs but I don't believe this can then integrate with the caseta remote
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    There are two pico remotes. The Caseta pico remote, and Conected Bulb Remote Control which is the pico remote you're talking about. According to Lutron, the Connected Bulb Remote Control is only compatible with zigbee bulbs, hubs, and bridges. As far as I know, their own hub uses something called ClearConnect, so those remotes won't be compatible with the Lutron Caseta hub.
    Why don't you just get a plug-in dimmer and connect the lamp to that? I used to have Lutron switches/hub and used their plug-in dimmer as well for some lamps. Worked fine being controlled by the app or a Caseta pico remote.

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