iPad Smart cover or smart case? Which do you prefer?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by wineandcarbs, Aug 20, 2015.

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    I have done both over the years and have ended up preferring the smart case.
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    If you're asking us for which one you should choose, it does come down to personal preference.

    As far as both products go, they both have the same stand-up features for typing and propping up for display (such as on a desk). The Smart Case is fully enclosed and Smart Cover is attached by magnetic force on the side. Sleep/Wake compatibility is available on both by peeking open/closed with the magnetic cover. Keep in mind if you have a passcode (even with Touch ID) that when you peek open either cover, it'll display the passcode lock screen, not the home screen. Closing the cover with either product immediately locks the device.

    Some go with the Smart Case because they want full surface protection on their iPad to prevent any kinds of scratches or damage that may happen to the sides or backing as a result from regular use. This can happen from setting it down on tables, sliding it on any particular surfaces, or even bumping or dropping it. These customers are usually concerned with the protection, longevity and upkeep of the device to it's original/new feel and look.

    Some go with the Smart Cover because they want to keep the simplicity of using the product as it's presented. They may want to fully experience the design of the product considering the exterior design can be seen and felt with the sides and backing, also while enjoying the possible thinness and lightweight nature of the body (depending on the iPad). Enjoying the design, while still being able to cover/protect the glass display from scratching, damage or dust and being able to use the stand features. These customers typically depend or believe more firmly in the durability of the existing product and are more confident in their ability to take care of it during normal use.

    I own an iPad Air 2 and use two different accessories in different scenarios. For work, I use my iPad significantly, it's my core driver for what I do in contracting. I'm moving around a lot and am usually working in elements that would cause significant damage to the product if I dropped it or something else were to happen, so I have a rugged ZooGue case that opens/closes and protects the iPad from most angles. The Smart Cover would work nicely, but the materials are too premium for the tasks that I'm up against.

    On the flip side, for all other uses of my iPad, I've chosen the Smart Cover. This is because of most of the reasons I've listed above. The Air 2 is a sweet machine, and the hardware design is insane (this thing is really, really thin) so when I'm at home or in class, the Smart Cover has me covered (I ran right into that pun).

    Edit: I actually bought a Smart Cover (midnight blue leather) for my Air 2 the other week to see how I would like it, because I liked the soft design of the leather and figured it'd be better in some cases to cover the backing. Took it out of the box, put it on, and decided within minutes to return it. It compromises the design too far for my tastes. One of the points of owning an Air 2 is to enjoy the insanely liberal Apple design, and the Smart Cover made the Air 2 feel even thicker than an Air 1 in the hands, and noticeably heavier as well.
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    Depends really. I’ve got an amazon smart case version. I bought it for when I take my ipad air out and about which is what I plan to do every once in a while so I didn’t want to damage the back of the ipad and the smart cover comes with this case from amazon but it covers the back very well. I would get one of those..best of both worlds.
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    I hate scratches. I use Best Skin Ever on both front and back + Smart Case on both my iPads. Would never prefer only Smart Cover.
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    Thanks all. Decided to go with a smart case. :)

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