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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by SanFranOwl, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. SanFranOwl macrumors newbie

    Jan 24, 2008
    I just got a new Macbook, loving it so far, but I am having some issues with Smart Mailboxes in Apple Mail.

    I want to define a mailbox with one rule always true, and several rules where only one must be satisfied.


    - Message is in Mailbox: andrew@

    - Subject Contains CEVE 412
    - Subject Contains CEVE 512

    Anybody know how to do this?


  2. millap macrumors regular

    Aug 10, 2007
    United Kingdom
    One way would be to actually create two smart mailboxes. If you perform the 'if ANY' conditions first and create all of your OR conditions, then save that as SmartMailbox1 you can then perform the test for 'ALL' using a second mailbox with just two conditions which are...

    - Message is in Mailbox: andrew@
    - Message is in Mailbox: SmartMailbox1

    I do something similar with smart playlists in iTunes to combine several favorite playlists into one.

    Back to Mail... The smart mailboxes will only filter your incoming messages. If you want to actually move them somewhere or perform some other action, then you need to open the Mail preffs, make the window a bit bitter, and you will see a RULES tab on the right hand side.

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