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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by Tech198, Aug 17, 2016.

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    Is it possible for Apple script to run through a smart playlist and iTunes would trigger the event?

    e.g crate a smart playlist to display all songs with missing artwork..

    then rather than user manually copying and pasting the artwork to missing tracks i the smartplaylist, Apple script would do this...

    I guess a combination of Applescript and smart playlist, since the rules in itunes only displays based on rules, it wouldn't automate copying artwork from album song is in... So i guess u could do this in Applecsript and update the smart playlist for the song referenced by the album?
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    Mar 21, 2011
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    The idea i'm wanting is to to scan through a smart playlist. which i already have

    Looks like script need selection. which is something i don't wish to do.... I already have a huge playlist, and selecting the tracks (i know there is more than 100+) missing artwork will take just as long anyway.

    The script ideally would see both main and smart playlists... look up artwork based on album of track from "main playlist" and copy it to resulting "smart playlist" automatically without selection.

    I know in Apple script u can give target to a playlist, so it does know about it..... I just don't know how u can reference based on info with just scanning alone..

    1. start at top most track in 'smart playlist' selected.
    2. Look up album info. (track name is not needed, but may be useful), since in my case i have same album artwork on ever track in the album

    3. Look up cosponsoring album in 'main' playlist
    4. copy artwork to that in smart-playlist

    The scripts by Doug alone for this are good, but i can do that myself since selection must be done of the track.

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