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    Roe Mobile Development’s (RMD) updated version of Smart Recorder features added functionality designed to meet business and personal users’ voice recording needs. Smart Recorder can be used for recording business meetings, lectures, audio “To-Do Lists”, podcasts, or emails with personalized audio attachments.

    “Unlike other recorder application offerings, Smart Recorder permits saving the recording in a variety of audio compression formats, enabling the user to choose the appropriate quality and file size for the intended use of the recording,” remarks Ken Roe, CEO of RMD. “An hour long recording can result in a file size of up to 30 MB, prohibitive for fast email transfers. With Smart Recorder, the file size can be reduced to as little as 6 MB. When audio quality is the primary concern, saving the file at a lower compression rate allows for high quality recordings, making Smart Recorder an ideal application for business and media.”

    The Smart Recorder robust feature set includes:
    - Time-based tags allow direct access to important portions of a recording. Tapping the “Add Tag” button during recording to sets a tag at that time position. Tapping the tag during playback jumps to the position of the tag.
    - Direct access to the iPhone camera allows taking photographs while recording to associate visuals with the recording. The photographs are time-stamped to their position in the recording.
    - Auto Pause suspends recording when there is no sound. Recording starts again when talking resumes, eliminating long pauses - perfect for conference room meetings.
    - Multi-speed playback allows quick skimming or careful listening to critical portions of a recording.
    - Forward and Back buttons skip or repeat a user selectable number of seconds in the recording.
    - Slider allows you to quickly navigate to any part of a long recording.
    - Direct access to a recording time position starts playback at that point in the recording.

    Smart Recorder provides several methods to transfer sessions back to your computer or share with others:
    - WiFi sync. Your iPhone becomes an HTTP server and you simply point your web browser to the address given by your phone and save the recordings (and page with your tags) using the browser.
    - SyncDocs. Downloading and installing SyncDocs enables the ability to save files related to your session.
    - Upload recordings for remote storage and sharing. The free account allows uploads of up to 25 MB per file and a total of 1 GB of online storage. For new users, Smart Recorder sets up a new account seamlessly.
    - Email directly using the built-in iPhone MAIL application without leaving Smart Recorder.
    Smart Recorder features a rich set of user-definable settings to suit every individual:
    - Set the number of seconds the Forward and Back buttons move within the recording.
    - Select a sampling (compression) rate anywhere between 8000-44,100Hz. A lower rate saves disk space while a higher rate gives better audio quality.
    - Adjust the noise (or quietness) threshold at which auto pause activates.
    - Enable one channel (mono) or two channel (stereo, with a suitable microphone) recording for basic or richer recordings.

    Smart Recorder 2.0 is available from the iTunes App Store: . It is offered in a free LITE version with a limit of 3 minutes per recording or as the complete version for $2.99. Additional information is available at Roe Mobile Development ( and on the Smart Recorder Facebook group.

    About Roe Mobile Development: Roe Mobile Development is an entrepreneurial company dedicated to creating applications for the iPhone platform. The development team at RMD brings over 20 years of experience in programming and application development for business. Other iPhone applications from RMD include Travel Diary which integrates photographs and location maps for documenting and sharing.

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    Smart Recorder 2.0 sale - $0.99 3 days only

    Smart Recorder is available 2/22-2/26 in the App Store for a promotional price of $0.99.

    Get the best audio recorder now at a great price!

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