SmartCover-Like iPhone Folio Case

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    Jan 25, 2013
    Not sure this case has been covered here, but tonight I discovered it and ordered a couple of them, one for my iPhone 5 and another for the wife's iPhone 4S.

    Dang, I'm hooked:

    And at the President's Day 20% off Sale Code is PD2013 includng free shipping from New York:

    Complete with Magnets...



    There are like eight different various color combinations using either a white or black snap-in case base with the folio flap in the other colors (black or pink in our cases) so I got a black/black for my 5 and a white/pink for my wife but they have red, blue, grey, purple, etc...
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    Jan 25, 2013
    By the way there is an earlier $12.99 model (fine honeycomb hive pattern on the folding front flap) that did not get as good reviews as the later $14.99 version with a smooth cover that is subtly divided along three folding partitions to resemble the iPad's SmartCover that triangularly folds into itself to create the angled base that props up the phone edge for reading, typing and video viewing. All three versions are shown, along with a couple for the SamSung Galaxy S4.

    Good luck!

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