Smartphone Wars, early battles

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by yodaxl7, Mar 8, 2011.

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    All of the manufacturers are on the android bandwagons. You rarely hear them making any window phone 7. How will Apple ever outsell all of these manufacturers? These manufacturers are competing with each other as well. A few of them will lose and may go out of business. Only the major ones will survive. Motorola is trying to come back and did ok with Droid X. HTC is only one that is making profit. Samsung is not, but they making components for other manufacturers. LG is not doing well either, but also making displays and other stuff. Apple is doing better and appears to be kicking RIM. RIM makes a lot of phones but cannot compete well. Will Android reach a plateau? I think so. I suspect by year end, Apple will narrow Android's lead. When Apple announces other carriers, it will start to even further the gap. I suspect by end of 2012, Apple will take the lead. What say you?
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    Apple's numbers have been statistically flat for over a year now.
    Android has been on a steady upward climb.

    The main reason is choice is hardware options.
    You can get an Android phone is just about what ever physical configuration you want. Plus every carrier has a few Android powered models to choose from.
    It's all about choice.
    Some people want a physical keyboard, some want a bigger screen, some want to be able to see Flash based content, the list goes on.

    Apple's "one phone fits all" path does not give the consumer much choice.
    It's like the old Henry Ford quote... "you can have what ever color you want as long as it's black".

    Even the industry analysts agree. Giving the consumer a choice will keep Android on top for a long time.

    Here's a pretty decent article on the topic.
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    Jun 18, 2010
    Just embrace how lucky we have it now when it comes to modern technology.

    About 13 years ago, Apple was still irrelevant and catered for a niche crowd and Google wasn't part of the internet lexicon because it wasn't even born yet.

    Just 5 years ago, the United States was the laughingstock of the cell phone industry. 3G wasn't common and we were always playing catch up to Asia and Europe when it came to phones and network speeds. It was one of the reasons why #1 phone maker, Nokia, and their high-end phones was never catered to the U.S.

    Now the Americans are the leaders of mobile software.

    Apple based in Cupertino. Google based in Mountain View. Palm was based in Sunnyvale.

    I am proud to be an American and Californian.
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    Apple will never outsell android, only one phone a year doesn't help,android is used by so many manufacturers who are bringing top end phones every month,I mean they have dual core, 3D,apples iOS system is more user friendly with fairly regular updates,but it's still locked down,and it's full capabilities being drip fed to us,android is just the base operating system with manufacturers putting their UI on them,and some are slow at updating,but when they do arrive they are major upgrades,I'm using a iPhone 4 and a nexus s, the nexus is faster than the iPhone without question, both great .... Pays your money takes your choice...
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    The only reason Android is winning is because there's more of it.
    A new Android phone comes out every other month.
    Apple just has the iPhone new and the iPhone last gen, to sell. But maybe if Apple releases a cheap iPhone Nano like previous rumors, they could play Android's game.
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    Jun 18, 2010
    Apple announced iPhone with Verizon and it didn't exactly become a blockbuster hit. In fact, iPhone is in more a carriers around the world. I think you may have it reversed. iPhone has reached its saturation point at least in the higher-end and is already 4-year old. Android is still peaking. Honestly, the innovations from Android don't come from Google. Android is nothing special. It comes from their OEM and their hardware push in specs.

    The thing is, Apple will win profit margins. It took home 51% of mobile profits of last year. That was 2.5x more than Nokia. Nokia is the #1 volume seller in the world and will remain that way. They still sold almost double of Android phones from last year and that was down year for them? Nokia's brand is just so ingrained with people's mind outside North America. Android will become the #1 volume smartphone OS seller in the world thanks to the many OEMs who will use it as their umbrella against "Apple rein" since they can't make great software.

    Apple is a hardware/software maker. That is their forte. Google provides many free services. They don't have to sell ONE tangible product and they still make billions. As long they are driving search traffic, they make money too and don't need the cell phone industry to become big. They do Android to become BIGGER. Apple doesn't need to be #1 in volume sales to make money either. If you worry about Apple having more control and Google stealing your personal info, I bet you still use Facebook too and hang around the net alot.

    In the end, these smartphone wars is for fanboys and bored media writers to have something to talk about. The average Joe and Jane will still use their iPhones, iPods, and Androids. They don't care. They will still use iTunes as well as Google's search engine, YouTube, Chrome, and Google Maps. This debate is like sports trash talk for tech geeks. Many of us will still use their products and services either way and they still make money.

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