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    Jun 28, 2012
    Hi peeps!

    I'm new to mac(been using for act 2 weeks) so I hope u folks can help me out with any question I have. When I was using windows there is this function that enable me to close the laptop lid without shutting /sleeping the laptop. This particular function is pretty useful to me when I'm doing stuff like downloading and dun want to be disturb. I found apps like insomniax and nosleep which serve me well. I am currently using smartsleep which has a built in insomniax which serve me well. There are some problems though, sometime the insomniaX doesn't work. I notice that when I click start insomniax (insomniaX length = forever) and close the lid right after that, it works. But let say I were to close the lid 3 hours later, it won't work and my macbook will jus go to sleep mode. I double check the the app's preference and yes I have check all 3 "show status in menu bar", "run in background" and "check for updates". Does anybody here know what is wrong? Please help! One more question. When using windows I always close the lid and put into my bag before it is fully shut down and it works fine. Does it work the same way if i have insomniac running in macbook? will the apps close before the macbook shutdown and result in error when shutting down? People who have the answer to my question please help me. I will appreciate it. Thank You!

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    You have to enable insomniaX if you want it to keep your macbook awake, if you are having problems with it I would disable and reenable and it should keep the Mac awake when shut.

    To answer your second question, if you want the mac to go to sleep, disable insomniaX and then shut the laptop, this will then allow it to go to sleep. Do the same if you want to shut the computer down to make sure that it doesn't prevent shutdown. InsomniaX is an app that is meant to be enabled only when you need it, so disable it when you are not using it and you will be fine.

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